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White papers

Factors affecting the adoption of systems thinking (2019)

Systems’ thinking has received considerable attention over the last several decades; however, the adoption of systems thinking as an approach to creating competitive advantages is still lagging.
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A project management investigative framework establishing links for better project outcomes (2019)

This paper makes a contribution to knowledge by proposing a project management (PM) investigative framework with seven constructs and 60 sub-scales.
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Project management assessments (2018)

The aim of this research is to make a contribution to knowledge by providing empirical evidence on project management assessments (PMAs).
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A hybrid (Soft and hard) systems approach to Project Management (2017)

Many firms face out of control projects and many report huge losses.
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Improving Forecasts for Better Decision-Making (2016)

Improving the forecasting process may enable managers to make better decisions.
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Improving forecasting for better decision-making SAJIE

Improving the forecasting process may enable managers to make more informed decisions.
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A systems approach: Evolving IT into a Centre for Business Innovation and Technology Solutions (C-bits)

Given the rapid pace of technological evolution, firms are faced with a multitude of technologies.
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Linking innovation and collaboration

We are flooded with a multitude of technologies and firms are forced to be more innovative than other firms.
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Pitfalls of information technology management systems

In an economy of rapid technological change managers need to be aware of newer technologies and how the adoption of these technologies affects competitive advantages.
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Dimension Data Optimises Bandwidth on African Continent

This solution also ensures sufficient bandwidth to cater for the systems integrator’s geographical expansion in Africa.
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Combining mathematical forecasting and intuitive techniques MMES

Abstract – Mathematical models are used to forecast new product sales. Forecasting using mathematical methods have been criticised by many researchers,
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A soft and hard systems approach to business process management

Globalisation is placing pressure on firms to gain competitive advantages. As products become commoditised firms try to improve business processes.
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Complexities in managing technological and operational driven solutions

To understand complexity we need to understand the current business arena.
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Technology for 2010 stadiums and airport projects prioritised

Siemens is positioning itself as a technology provider for mechanical and electrical equipment for South Africa’s ten soccer World Cup stadiums and also 2010-related airport development.
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Creating the future

Nine out of 10 great business ideas never see the light of day. Of those that do, seven out of 10 are unlikely to succeed.
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Supply chain summit scheduled for September

South African companies have an opportunity to unlock their supply chain potential at the first International Supply Chain Summit.
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